If you find yourself in the unpleasant situation of having to carry an unconscious child down a ladder, you may be at something of a loss as to how best to proceed. You may worry that your child will fall off the ladder or be dropped by mistake, but you also don’t want to cause them any more harm than they already have. 

Fortunately, there are several ways you can carry your child safely down that ladder, depending on the circumstances and your preference. 

For more information, see this discussion on how to carry an unconscious child down a ladder. 

Hold your child close to your body

If your child is conscious and can hold onto your shoulders or around your neck, simply hold them close to your body, with their arms around you, as you climb down the ladder. 

This is the safest option for both of you and should be your first choice whenever possible. 

Keep your child’s head as close to your body as possible, and avoid bending or twisting at the hips as much as you can. 

Carry Your Child Over One Shoulder

If your child is unconscious, or if they cannot hold on to you, you can carry them over one shoulder. This is one of the most common ways to carry an unconscious person, as it is a very stable position. 

Make sure your child’s head is lower than the rest of their body, and keep a hand on their legs to help keep them secure. You can also use your other arm to

help steady them. 

Use A Fireman’s Carry

Like the one-shoulder carry, a fireman’s carry is one of the most common methods of carrying an unconscious person. It is suitable for most small children,

as long as they are light enough. 

Put your arms underneath your child’s armpits, and pick them up as if you were going to pick up a bucket of water. 

Next, lift your child’s legs off the ground and transfer them to one of your shoulders, at the same time rotating your body so that you are facing toward the ladder. 

Use A Ladder Strap and Harness

If your child is too heavy to carry, or you are worried about them being more of a danger to you than vice versa, a ladder strap and harness can help you to secure your child while you climb down the ladder. 

Tie the harness around your child’s midsection, and then attach it to the ladder strap. Once the strap is secure, you can simply let the strap take the weight while you use your hands to climb down the ladder. 

Bottom line

 It is important to remember that the most important thing is to get your child to the hospital as quickly as possible. This is particularly true if your child falls from a height. While you are climbing down the ladder, make sure you are keeping an eye out for any signs of shock, such as blueness around the lips or fingers, lethargy, or a sudden change in your child’s level of consciousness. If you see any of these signs, try to get them to the hospital as quickly as you can.

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