A ladder is a fundamental component of a construction project. Particularly for office workers and those with their own construction firms. Several and varied companies produce ladders of good quality; two of the best known are Little Giant and Gorilla Ladder. As with rock climbing and hiking, ladders are often associated with outdoor activity.

The use of ladders by outdoor sports enthusiasts has a long history. There are differences between the Little Giant ladder and the Gorilla ladder, but many similarities as well. They both use climbing cylinders, gear loops, and foot brakes. Due to this, they are more secure than traditional V-brackets, which, despite their name, do not lock in place.

In comparison to the Little Giants, the Gorilla uses a pinion and bolt type system, whereas the Little Giants use a piston. It should be easy to compare the Little Giant ladder with the Gorilla ladder for those who do DIY projects. Nevertheless, before you decide which ladder to use, there are a few things you need to take into account.

Here are two main ladder brands: one from Little Giant Ladders and one from Gorilla Ladders. Following that, I will provide an in-depth comparison so that you can make an informed decision as to where to use? Rust free or not? Size, light or heavy, legs or bases and many other things. 

Gorilla Vs Little Giant: Products

Gorilla 23 ft. Reach MPX Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder with Project Top

Gorilla 23 ft. Reach MPX Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder with Project Top
Gorilla 23 ft. Reach MPX Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder with Project Top

A telescoping ladder like the Gorilla Ladders MPX Ladder is renowned for its amazing portability, strength, and compact building. This ladder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and they are designed to slide and lock effortlessly.

Gorilla Ladders MPX aluminum Telescopic Ladder is one of the best choices for your DIY projects at home. You may choose from one of four configurations, including twin stepladders, extension ladders, stairways, and 90-degree ladders.

Your ladder’s height can be adjusted based on your preference using the speed locks. Your reach will increase as you can reach high cabinets, walls, and even roof gutters. It also features large hinges, which prevent the ladder from swaying and flexing while you climb up.

Rust and corrosion aren’t a problem for the aluminum frames and steps on this ladder. Thus, the product can last a long time. Furthermore, the ladder can support a weight limit of 375 pounds.

This Gorilla Ladders MPX Telescoping Ladder is an excellent choice, whether you need to make a few repairs around the house or reach elevated areas in your workshop.

There are several sizes available. For a residential setting, smaller sizes such as the 17 ft. version are perfect. Those looking for a ladder they can use for commercial purposes may want to consider the 22 ft. ladder.

Main Features

Building materialAluminum built
Weight capacity375-pound duty rating
CertificationsNot mentioned
Storage spaceNot mentioned
Height22 feet but reach is 23 feet
Locking systemSlide and lock system
Product weightProduct weight is 40 pounds
WarrantyNo warranty


  • As an extra step, Project Top is useful
  • Versatile design can be used in more than one location
  • Transportable due to wheels
  • Multi-position ladder with a tool holder on the top
  • 23-foot reach enables easy access to extra high areas


  • There’s a bit of a struggle moving the ladder, considering how heavy it is

The Gorilla Ladders MPX Telescoping Ladder is a high-quality ladder that’s a decent choice whether you need it for home repairs or to reach elevated areas in your working area.

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Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M22, 22 Ft

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M22, 22 Ft
Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M22, 22 Ft

This multipurpose ladder from Little Giant is known for its superior versatility and reliability. By adjusting hinge locks and rapid lock fasteners, you can easily reconfigure ladder height, angle, and style. In addition, it features ratchet levelers, which ensure that it doesn’t topple even when positioned on an uneven surface.

It can be used outdoors, even in harsh conditions, due to its aluminum construction. It is also lightweight, making it convenient to use wherever you need it. When you need to do a number of jobs around the house or at the site of your project, this type of ladder makes sense.

With a 300-lb capacity, the Velocity Ladder stands out from other ladders on the market. Aerospace design and aluminum frames allow this 39-lb ladder to withstand two people’s weight comfortably.

In order to replace damaged gutters or shingles on a roof, you can use it to reach lighting fixtures that have broken. As well as a scaffold, it can be constructed as a stairway or 90-degree ladder.

Main Features

Building materialAluminum built
Weight capacity300-pound duty rating
CertificationsOSHA and ANSI compliant
Storage spaceNot mentioned
Height22 feet
Locking systemdual-pin hinge and adjustable Metal Rock Locks.
Product weightProduct weight is 39 pounds. approximately.
WarrantyLimited lifetime


  • The ladder can be configured in five different ways, making it five ladders in one
  • Designed to last for many years
  • Achieves ANSI and OSHA standards while being rated for an industrial weight of 300 pounds.
  • A Triple-Locking Hinge System 
  • Ladder capable of holding two people


  • Setting it up is somewhat challenging
  • It is possible for lever action adjustments to become disengaged occasionally
  • A challenge to move around and transport without assistance

This multi-use ladder from Little Giant offers a durable construction, an intuitive design, and a compact size.

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Gorilla Vs Little Giant: Differences Vs Similarities

Light weight or heavy

Little Giant weighs 39 pounds and Gorilla weighs 40 pounds. Therefore, there is little difference in their weights, they are both obviously heavy. It might be a concern for many people to be heavy, but considering sturdiness, heaviness ensures quality. Both brands have used aluminum in the presented products. However, both products are still heavy, which means both products are strong and durable.

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Size and Adjustable Sizes

You can reach heights of 6 ft. to 11 ft. using Little Giant’s velocity M22 A-frame ladder. Using it, you can construct a ladder that reaches a height of 22 feet. Using the optional connector, you can create two 6 feet ladders by separating the inside and outside parts. It is also possible to have a sturdy scaffold. It can hold close to 600 pounds.

While Gorilla Stepladders have a height range of 5 feet, 5 inches to 9 feet, 5 inches. This gives you a reach of 13 feet, 2 inches. You can reach 22 feet higher by using an extension ladder with a minimum height of 10 feet 10 inches and a maximum height of 18 feet 10 inches. Minimum stairway height is 5feet 5inches; maximum stairway height is 9feet 5inches; maximum stairway reach is 13feet 2inches. Maximum height at 90 degrees is 9feet 5 inches, minimum height at 90 degrees is 6feet 5 inches, and maximum reach is 12feet 9 inches. A scaffold’s minimum working height is 11.25inches, its maximum working height is 2feet 10inches, and its maximum reach is 9feet 6inches.

Both ladders are multifunctional and offer great functionality. There are many cautions while using these all features. Read manual carefully, otherwise there could be many problems for you.

Multi-purpose or not?

Little Giant’s ladders serve multiple purposes, including stepladders, stairway steps, twin steps, extension ladders, and scaffold bases with planks, but planks must be purchased separately.

Gorilla ladders can be used as stepladders for two people, extension ladders, 90 degree ladders, and scaffolds. Therefore, it can also serve multiple purposes.

Both are multipurpose ladders.

Which ladder is easy to use?

The four pins on each joint of the Little Giant make it sturdy, but they also make it twice as challenging to assemble and disassemble.

There are various ladders from Gorilla Ladders, including household ladders, platforms, and multi-position ladders. Gorilla Ladders emphasizes safety with non-slip surfaces on their ladders, which are constructed with durability and ease of maneuverability.

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Where you can use them?

Whether used inside or outside, Gorilla ladders and Little Giant ladders are both suitable. There are several fiberglass ladders produced by Little Giant that are better for outdoor use than aluminum ladders because they are not affected by the weather and not conductors of electricity.

Who can use Little Giant and Gorilla?

Both ladder brands are good for the construction business. They can be used as scaffolds, step ladders, extension ladders, etc. Homeowners may not use all the features and may get frustrated every time they use a ladder for a simple need, but if they can carry 40 pounds then both ladders are perfect for use at home.

Legs or base

Moving and relocating the Little Giant is easy thanks to the wheels at its base. That is why the ladder is among the best-sellers. The rubber on its legs also protects the floor from scratches and makes it slip-free.

Gorilla, on the other hand, has rubbers on its legs to give it a more secure grip and to increase its mobility.

Both are constructed with a wide base to ensure a solid foundation. There is, in fact, a competition.

Rust Free or not?

Gorilla and Little Giant both use aluminum. Rust doesn’t affect aluminum ladders. Therefore, both Little Giant and Gorilla can be used with no worries of rust. Both companies are aware of the needs of people, particularly the needs of households. Aluminum ladders are being made in order to minimize weight and keep ladders rust-free. Electrical work should not be done using the aluminum ladder. Aluminum ladders are therefore not the right choice for this situation.

Pinch Points

Little Giant ladders have locks that secure their rungs in place when they are expanding and contracting. To avoid pinning your finger or arm with them, please be incredibly cautious when using them.

In the Gorilla, there are many pinch points like Little Giant. So, caution is important in both Gorilla and Little Giant.

Final Verdict

I prefer Little Giant over Gorilla Ladders. The ladders produced by Little Giant are sturdier, safer, solid, and reliable.

Little Giant offers a wide variety of ladders, which is one of the best things about them. In addition to the variety between multi-position ladders and step stools, there is also a variety between materials. All Little Giant ladders are available in aluminum and fiberglass.

There are also some great ladders from Gorilla Ladders, but their construction quality is not as good as Little Giant. Gorilla Ladders aren’t necessarily any less durable or safe than Little Giant, they are just not as sturdy and safe.

Gorilla Ladders makes exceptionally lightweight aluminum ladders if you require lightweight ladders. However, Gorilla Ladders just don’t seem to be as durable or as sturdy as Little Giant ladders.

However, Gorilla ladders cost less than Little Giant ladders. The adage “you get what you pay for” suggests Little Giant is worth the extra cost.

If you want your ladder to last for many years, you should invest in one that will last for a very long time.

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