As we know that, ladders play a vital role in our daily lives. They are used for many purposes, whether they are domestic purposes or construction working.

But only while using ladders, about 1,64000. People get injured in the United States per year. Because of this ladder falling, people lose their lives too.So it is essential to choose a right ladder for a particular job.

In the past, people only used wood or bamboo ladder. But over time, as people understand the risks associated with ladders, many new types of ladders are introduced. But aluminum and fiberglass are those types of ladders that are the big competitors of each other. Both types of ladders have some advantages and disadvantages. But it depends on us what kind of ladder you want to choose regarding the work you have to do. Now I will discuss both of them.

Aluminum ladder

Aluminum ladders are light in weight compared to fiberglass ladders, which means that they are easy to carry and move from one place to another. The minimum weight of an aluminum ladder is up to 20 pounds. On the other hand, a fiberglass ladder has a minimum weight of up to 50 pounds, which means more than double an aluminum ladder. Also, the aluminum ladder is resilient, which can face the punishment of bad weather. It is also affordable as It is less expensive as compared to a fiberglass ladder. Aluminum ladders are used in homes primarily for small chores like changing or hanging light bulbs, hanging paintings, etc. Also, aluminum ladders are the ones that are easily available, which means if you want a ladder quickly, then you can find an aluminum ladder on any hardware store easily.  

Aluminum ladders are long-lasting if it is not under hot weather or heat. Also, the aluminum ladder does not rust, unlike other metal ladders, which rust quickly.

Now there can be a question here that what is the lifetime of an aluminum ladder? So let me tell you something that even if your ladder is very expensive and robust, it can easily be useless if we do not take care of it. This means that our precautionary measures to save our ladder can increase its lifetime.

Extension ladders are typically made of aluminum. Although a fiberglass ladder has its advantages, they are still preferable to their aluminum equivalents, but unless you have a dedicated workspace to store it. Aluminum is going to be the more economical option otherwise.

Fiberglass ladder

A fiberglass ladder is made of fiberglass, which is a glass-reinforced plastic. A fiberglass ladder is more resilient as compared to the aluminum ladder as it is less affected by heat, but keeping it in front of the sun (UV radiations) for a long time can break it down easily. Fiberglass ladders work like a resistor for electricity as the electricity cannot pass through them. So if you are doing work at the place where you see the electric wires having electricity in them, and you use an aluminum ladder, you will have the danger of getting an electric shock as electricity can easily pass through aluminum metal. But, instead of it, if you use a fiberglass ladder, then there will be no danger of getting electric shock as fiberglass is a good resistor of electricity.

Even if the fiberglass ladder is considered expensive compared to the aluminum ladder, the price difference is not much more significant. And also, money is not even more expensive than life. So do not compromise on your life. Another advantage of fiberglass ladder is that it is the flame resistor which means they do not burn. These ladders also do not absorb moisture, so they do not rust.

Now there can be a question here that what is the lifetime of an fiberglass ladder? According to the observation, those fiberglass ladders that do not check and maintain properly regarding safety measures can last in 1- 3 years. But if these ladders wash and wax periodically and store in the right place, then their life can be increased.

If you talk about extension ladders specifically, fiberglass ladders are difficult to handle for a solo person because of their weight. If you want a stepladder for general purposes, a fiberglass stepladder should be a primary choice. Fiberglass stepladders are heavier than aluminum stepladders but their sturdiness well worth its weight.

One line differences between aluminum vs. fiberglass ladder

Aluminum ladder

  • Electricity can pass through it.
  • It is cheaper than fiberglass ladders.
  • Lightweight than fiberglass ladders
  • Easy to move around from place to place.

Fiberglass ladder

  • Electricity cannot pass through it.
  • It is more expensive as compared to an aluminum ladder.
  • It is heavy as compared to an aluminum ladder.
  • Transporting it from one place to another is difficult.

Final Verdict

In terms of weight and price, aluminum is less heavy and cheaper than fiberglass. If you’re a heavy person, consider the weight rating before buying a ladder, and do not skimp on quality. Do not hesitate to spend more money if you need a more load capacity.

Good quality aluminum and fiberglass ladders can serve you well, but if you’re hesitant or nervous about stability, we’d suggest going with fiberglass. If you’re uncertain of strength or work frequently around live electrical wires, a fiberglass ladder would be the better choice.

aluminum vs. fiberglass ladders

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